Step back to those days when the country was young and hospitality was an art. Now well disguised as a residence, the former Sign of the Cross Inn was built in 1820.

Mr. Moffatt was in charge of this inn in 1838, and the high regard it was held in is shown in an extract from an old pamphlet which reads, "The best taverns are Moffat's and Howard's". William Moffatt advertised this Inn as having 8 bedrooms, 2 dining rooms, stabling, fruit trees and a well.

In 1872 this property was sold to Charles Comidge, a school teacher noted for his scholastic abilities as well as his ability to cope with boys. Here he conducted The York Academy for many years until his untimely death.

The property was purchased by William Lyall who came to Niagara to take the principleship of the Niagara Public School, a position he held for 23 years, after which time he was appointed to the office of Town Clerk & Treasurer until his retirement in 1929.

On December 28, 2001 Annette and Michael Twining became the proud owners of this wonderful historic property, now named The Annette Twining House. Today history repeats itself, for it is once again one of the finest places in Niagara-on-the-Lake to stay.

"But alas" - no stabling.